AQUARICA – Feb 29 Update

An opportunity to post on Feb 29 occurs once every 4 years!  A rarity indeed, so we thought we would highlight some of the rare fish that we recently received:

1. L236 Super White Cracked Zebra Pleco RB Line – First appearing in 1997, still extremely rare and sought after. Our current specimens are tank raised and 2.25+ inches.

2. Burundi Frontosas – Tanganyikan cichlid that grow up to 12 inches, live up to 25 years and known for their nuchal hump.  Our current stock is locally bred and about 1.5 inches.

3. Long fin blue-eye golden bristlenose – Beautiful flowing fins combined with the practicality of a great algae eater.  Various sizes from 2-3.5 inches currently available

Our arrivals since Feb 15 and still available:

Male Bettas (locally bred koi plakat, halfmoons)

Female Betta (locally bred koi plakat, and XL halfmoon)

Neon Tetras

Assorted Angelfish (arriving Feb 29)

Venezuelan Corys

Pepper Corys

Panda Corys

Farlowella Twig Catfish (locally bred)

Blue eye golden bristlenose (long fin and regular, various sizes)

L236 Super White Cracked Zebra Pleco RB Line

Silver Arowana

Platinum Polar Parrots (locally bred)

Blue Tiger Polar Parrots (locally bred, large and regular)

Koi Guppies

Assorted Platies

Neon Dwarf Rainbowfish (arriving Feb 29)

Blue Turquoise Rainbowfish (large and regular)

Eastern Rainbowfish (arriving Feb 29)

Ornate Bichirs (arriving Feb 29)

Endilcheri (Saddled) Bichir (arriving Feb 29)

XL Assorted Mbunas

Pearl Gouramis

Albino Tiger Barbs

Platinum Green Tiger Barbs

Chili Rasboras (wild caught)

Harlequin Rasboras (wild caught)

Celestial Pearl Danios

Zebra Danios (long fin and regular)

White Cloud Mountain Minnows

Pea Puffers (arriving Feb 29)

True Freshwater Bumble Bee Gobies (wild caught - B. Xanthomelas)

Clown Loaches (wild caught)

XL Sun Catfish (8 inches)

HiIlstream Loaches (wild caught)

African Dwarf Frogs

Vampire Shrimp (wild caught)

Neocaridina Shrimp – Fire Red, Snow White,

Amano Shrimp (arriving Feb 29)

Wizard Snails

Apple Snails

Tropica 1-2 Grow Cups

Singapore Plant Shipment

Also back in stock are Australian Blackworms, Frozen Beef Heart, and live earthworms.  

Hope to see you soon!